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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gain Muscles – While You Sleep

We all know the benefits of working out regularly – that's why we do it!

We also tend to be knowledgeable around nutrition.

Nobody can seriously tell me that anyone believes you can still eat junk and get that body others dream of.

Yet, the most vital aspect of building quality muscle tends to be the most neglected AND the one area where most people are truly ignorant.

I'm talking about our rest – specifically Sleep.

This article will discuss some of the ways you can ensure that you are getting maximum muscle gains during this most important of Bodybuilding periods.

How to Get The Best Night Sleep For Bodybuilding


Make sure that your Bedroom is airy but not cold enough to wake you during the colder time just before Dawn

Lights On/Lights Off

If you are somebody who really can't sleep without a light on then you need to break that habit or invest in a time switch!

Scientists now believe that too much light means overstimulation of your senses and can prevent you entering fully into long periods of Delta Wave Sleep Phases.

No Electrical Fields

If you are one of those people that falls asleep every single night only to wake up at 3am with the T.V blaring. Read a book! Seriously though, as well as ruining your sleep, electrical fields can potentially interfere with the brains electrical impulses causing you to have a restless nights slumber. Make sure to turn all electric items off Standby.

No Caffeine or Energy Drinks Before Bed

Depending how Caffeine sensitive you are, energy drinks and Thermals of any kind should be avoided from early evening in order to let the mind and body prepare for a good nights sleep. Some people can still be mentally over stimulated up to 3 hours after ingesting a drink of this kind, so use sparingly.

Comfortable Clothing

Lastly, It is an obvious point but an important point nonetheless. Lose the P.J's and sleep in either Boxers or au-natural. Your partner will love it and – hold on I thought we were trying to get MORE sleep here…


So there we have it. Work half as hard on getting a good nights sleep as you do with your training and nutrition and watch those gains double!

Remember, sleep is the most underrated, but vitally important part of anybodies muscle building training regime.

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