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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Secret of How to Build Big Muscles

The main consideration on every aspiring bodybuilder's mind, especially when starting out, is how to build big muscles. It's a reasonable question, and it's difficult to find out exactly what to do because there is so much conflicting information floating about. The following information will help to reduce some of that confusion.

Unless you get into a job that requires extreme physical exertion on a regular basis, the secret of how to build big muscles fast is to practice some sort of regular structured weight training routine in order to build up your muscles. Without experiencing resistance, it is impossible for you to build up muscle. The difficult part is not performing a routine training regimen. The difficultly is getting yourself started. Once you commit to it, it's easier than it seems.
When you first start your workout regimen, you'll be surprised at how quickly you begin to notice a significant increase in your strength. Your training regimen will have awakened dormant muscle groups that were waiting for the challenge of vigorous exercise. Don't fall into the trap of those who, thinking their muscle building has been accomplished, back off from the challenge. It's important that you keep challenging your muscles by steadily increasing the amount of weight that you lift. Without this increase, you'll see no additional gain. Use your increasing strength to lift heavier weights.
Learn to follow the golden rule of weight lifting for how to build big muscle. If you want to develop big muscles, lift heavy weight with low reps; if your goal is to add definition and tone to your existing muscles, lift lighter weights with more reps. Don't waste energy for no good purpose. When you see people performing over 20 reps, be aware that they may not really know how to build big muscle. They'll be working hard, but not making their muscles any bigger.

Don't do the same exercises all the time. Mix it up with a little variety. If you repeatedly perform the same exercises over and over, they become easier and you see less benefit in muscle gain. It can become discouraging, causing you to back off from training, which is self defeating. Try different exercises of increasing difficulty to challenge your muscles in a different way. Change over for one routine to another frequently. Using the same routine causes muscles to react more efficiently. It's the challenge that makes big muscles.

If you exercise regularly while following the above suggestions and recommendations about how to build big muscles, you'll be starting out with good muscle building habits that will ensure that you reach your bodybuilding goals.

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